What We Do


 What We Do

1. Free Advise on the Phone



Call or email, we can talk over what you want to do.

2. Free initial visit and Site Survey



Free site survey and discussion about what can best be achieved.

Now you can decide if you want us to prepare drawings for you.


3. Architectural Design

Pay the deposit and we will send you drawings to check in a few days.

Once the design is as you want, we prepare the application ready for submission.

Balance is due at this point. 

We deal with planning authority on your behalf and keep you updated.

4. Planning Applications

Planning Permission, in simple terms, is asking if you can carry out building work on a property. The council is empowered to grant (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refuse this permission dependant on the affect of those works on the environment and your neighbours. A planning application presents the project to the planning department in a format that they require so that they can make a fair decision. If the application is presented badly this can prejudice the decision. If it is presented clearly and simply, then frequently permission is granted.

5. Building Regulations

 A Building Regulations application is separate from your planning permission . Building Regulations Applications are detailed Specifications and Drawings for how your project should be built. They are submitted to Local Building control to make sure your building will meet required standards. Building Regulations make sure that you building is going to be safe, strong and energy efficient. They are a requirement for many building Projects including all new homes and most extensions and alterations. The Local Building Control will inspect the building works as it progresses and will give full approval once the builder has completed the project to their satisfaction.